Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie


Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

Yes, I have to admit to owning one of these fancy blenders that chop just about everything up and produce smoothies. I know, that makes two kitchen appliances with the bread maker I admitted to in an earlier article….. but nobody is perfect right? I guess it’s not that big a sin anyway as it was a present from the family. In a few short months I have gone from never having heard of one before, to probably finding it difficult to live without one now. I would guess however that the way I use it is not how many people do……..

The website of one of the more popular blenders claims it is part of a “health revolution that has transformed millions of lives” or that one ought to drink a smoothie a day to “feel the tremendous effects that real, unprocessed, nutrition-extracted whole food can have on your health and well-being”. But do we really need one if we are eating fruit and vegetables as part of our daily diet? Do we really have to hide vegetables in a drink to make them palatable? Are we like babies that can only ingest food if it comes as a purée?


The Main Ingredients

Well, even I, who pride myself on eating lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, find a smoothie maker almost indispensable. There are a couple of reasons for this:

Firstly, I have a lot of fruit trees and in season I drink lots of fruit juice. Now I can drink fruit juice out of season too! This is a big thing for me, being able to drink my own fruit juice all year round. All I have to do is chop and freeze the fruit in the summer, then pop some in the blender when I want a drink. I can mix the fruits I put in and also the liquid I choose to make the drink, anything from water to milk and all the vegetable milks in-between.

Secondly, it is a really quick way to make a pick-me-up on a hot day and particularly after one of my running or cycling outings. Only a couple of days ago I came back from a hard cycle run in the mountains and the smoothie recipe I have for you today brought me back to life!

As with most if not all of my recipes the ingredients in this recipe are everyday ones. I have looked on the internet for good smoothie recipes and I have found a few, but many have so many strange ingredients, protein powders and artificial additives that I immediately discarded them. It also made me wonder, indeed worry, that people might use these machines as a major part of their diet rather than a supplement. These machines are not an alternative to a balanced and varied diet.

So this recipe is probably the antithesis of a “standard” smoothie as it has no health claims attached, but at least it is delicious.

Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie

Serves 2.


125g Strawberries (Fresh or Frozen)

3 Digestive biscuits

100g Cream cheese

275g Milk

25g Sugar


The fruit can be fresh or frozen.

Put all ingredients in a blender and blend till smooth.


The Main Ingredients ready for the Liquid

Yes, the recipe does say grammes of milk. As milk is mostly water, the density is a smidgen higher than that of water, but you can just use the same amount of millilitres. I put the blender jug on a set of scales, add an ingredient then re-set to zero before adding the next ingredient. This way I make little mess, but I need all the measurements to be in grammes.

As always, I hope you enjoy the recipe and please feel free to comment or ask questions.


tsp – Teaspoon – 5ml

tbsp – Tablespoon – 15ml

2016 Lincoln W. Betteridge


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