Well today’s article is a continuation from a couple of weeks ago, this is the pudding that I served up when my friends came visiting. The first course was the Pasta Salad which you can pick up from here, we then had various meats, done on the BBQ, followed by this pudding. I must admit to be a great fan of cooking on the BBQ, as it is a great way of cooking with friends round and nobody has to be stuck in the kitchen preparing food for guests.

Luckily my friends brought some bread with them, as the baker’s in the village has just closed. I often make my own bread, but it was always nice to have a local bakery too. I suspect that the bakery will not open again, I suspect that there is nobody willing to take it over. The village blacksmith is approaching retirement age, I suspect that here again we will be left without……

On the other hand, zealous parents and teachers have pushed Spanish teenagers through the education system and we have a surplus of graduates. I know we all want the best for our children, but here in Spain at least, we have created a workforce that does not match the available work…..

And yet we have thousands of refugees flooding our borders. For some it is perhaps a temporary refuge they are seeking, for others though it is a new, permanent home. Is it so difficult to match local workforce needs to the skills of those arriving? Wouldn’t it be easier to stop treating them as numbers, but people, who can fill a valuable and important role in our societies?

16 Half gone!

The Tiramisù (half eaten!)

Well back to the recipe, tiramisù…. one of the most common puddings to be found in almost any restaurant, yet according to Alessandra, not one of them conforms to the “original” recipe!

Towards the end of the last millennium I was working for a short while in Rome. It is a great city, lots of history, fantastic food, even better ice-creams and some great people. I was providing service to Opel Europe and was working in their Rome offices. Alessandra was the local Opel liaison.

An interest in food is something a little difficult to hide…… I like to understand which are the recommended restaurants in the area, I like to peruse the menus slowly and, if the food is good, I tend to have a smile on my face as I sample their board of fare. Eating turned to talking about food, then recipes and Alessandra started talking about how she was a “true” Roman, her family having lived there since like forever, and how their recipe for tiramisù was well renowned.

On my last day in the office she brought in a large bowl of her family’s tiramisù along with the recipe. Was it good…… you bet! Is it the original recipe? Who knows, but it sure makes a good story and believe me when I say it is well worth making when you feel like treating yourself.


Serves 6 people


5 Eggs

5 tbsp  Sugar

500g Mascarpone cheese

1 pkt Pavesine or Savoiardi biscuits

1 cup Coffee

Bitter cocoa


Separate the yolks and whites of the eggs.

01 Egg and Sugar mixture

The Yolk and Sugar Mixture

Beat together the yolks and sugar.

Slowly beat in the Mascarpone until thick and creamy.

04 Beating in the Mascarpone.jpg

Beating in the Mascarpone

06 Beating in the Mascarpone.jpg

The Mascarpone Fully Mixed

Either use separate whisks or clean well after beating the Mascarpone.

Whip the egg whites until stiff then fold in the Mascarpone mixture.

08 Beaten egg whites

The Beaten Egg Whites

10 Foling in the cheese mixture

Folding the Egg Whites into the Mascarpone Mixture

Carefully soak the biscuits in the coffee a few at a time so that they are just soft when required.

Layer biscuits and Mascarpone mixture in a glass bowl. Start with biscuits and end with Mascarpone. It should  do about three layers of each.

11 First biscuits in the bowl

The First Layer of Biscuits

12 Biscuits with first layer of cheese

Adding the First Layer of Mascarpone Mixture

13 Second layer of biscuits

The Second Layer of Biscuits

14 Finished with the pud and into the fridge

The Final Layer of Mascarpone Mixture

Chill for 5 hours.

Just before serving sprinkle the cocoa generously on the top.

15 Finished with Cocoa

With the Cocoa and Ready to Serve

As you will see from the pictures, I made the tiramisù in one big bowl. I had friend coming round and it is the quickest and simples way of making it. If you have more time try a large glass or individual glass bowls. That way the layers of biscuit and filling can be seen from the outside and makes for a more attractive pudding.

As always, drop me a line if you have any questions or feel like leaving a comment.


tsp – Teaspoon – 5ml

tbsp – Tablespoon – 15ml

2016 Lincoln W. Betteridge


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