Deer and Wild Mushroom Stew

18 Deer and Wild Mushroom Stew

It is the hunting season and the wild mushroom season in the mountains where I live. So what better way to celebrate it than with a good, slow cooked deer and wild mushroom stew! Not only does the recipe make good use of these seasonal products, it also allows me to cook on the wood-fired stove we have. For me it is such a relaxing way to cook a dish, the wood slowly burns and a bunch of raw ingredients turns into a delicious, rich, flavoursome meal.

I can of course understand the vegetarians or vegans who are against hunting, but many meat eaters seem to have their reservations too. People seem to consider certain animals differently. Some might say shooting an animal is unethical, a hunter might say caging an animal for slaughter its entire life is far worse. Some might feel no emotional connection to a pig and readily eat pork, yet feel that eating a horse or indeed a dog is wrong. I would suggest a pig would believe that they have the same right to live as man’s best friend. A life should be a life, whatever the animal’s physical appearance or charisma.

2016 11 09 Botanical Route of Almonacid

Autumn in the Sierra

I personally believe that overall, a wild animal has a better life than a caged one. I also believe that eating wild animals is one of the few ways we can have unadulterated chemical-free meat these days.

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2018 Lincoln W. Betteridge


Zwiebelkuche (Onion Cake)

26 Zwiebelkuchen (Onion Cake)

I enjoy German food, indeed I like most types of foods and styles, be they national or international in origin. Not everyone is of the same opinion as me of course, and there is nothing wrong with that. If we all liked the same things it would be a very dull, variety sparse world. On the other hand I feel pathos for those people who are unwilling to try something new, something different. I, rightly or wrongly, feel they are missing out. At this point it would be unfair of me not to admit that I used to be one of those people.

As a youth I would eat potatoes and meat, any sort of meat, pies, pasties, burgers or sausages, but very little else. Fish and chips was fine from the local chippy, or fish fingers, but I don’t recall eating much else.

Luckily by my early twenties my taste buds had come alive and I started to eat a much larger variety of foods. By my late twenties I had moved to Spain and was thoroughly enjoying the food of my new country of residence. It was a good thing too, as over the next thirty years I would travel extensively with my job, working in around 30 different countries. Germany was one of the countries I most visited, particularly the area of Rüsselsheim am Main.

02 Adam Opel AG - Exterior

Adam Opel AG

I worked for a company that delivered IT systems to Adam Opel A.G., whose headquarters and biggest manufacturing plant is there. Around the year 2000 I spent many months there implementing some large key systems. It was a golden opportunity to improve my German, meet some interesting people and eat some great German food. Not all of my English co-workers were of a similar mind however.

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2018 Lincoln W. Betteridge

Crunchie Cheesecake Sundae

20 Crunchie Cheesecake Sundae

The good news is that the recipe I have for you this week is truly delicious. It is a rich, creamy, chocolaty, cheesecake based pudding. It looks great and tastes even better! It also has no added sugar…..and now the bad news. It is made from condensed milk, cream cheese, cream and chocolate. But you can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs right? Well not everyone would seem to to be in agreement……..

Hardly a week goes by without pressure groups demanding that some food or other be banned. Today was a call for a ban on “Freakshakes” by the campaign group “Action on Sugar”. Although I see their point, is this really the right way to go? Is it right to ban me from having the occasional sugary treat just because others would sate themselves on them? Of course the primary function of eating is to power our bodies, but we should never forget that food is a pleasure for many and a great way to relax and socialise.  Occasionally getting lost in a rich, decadent pudding is one of the best ways I know to unwind! Why should this be denied us?

98 Freakshakes


In Britain we have had a number of years now of government intervention. From well meaning, well thought out campaigns to encourage people to eat more fruit and vegetables, to heavily taxing “unhealthy” products and forcing companies to reduce fat and sugar content per portion. But has it actually worked?

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2018 Lincoln W. Betteridge

Barbecue King Prawns

22 Barbecue King Prawns

Birthday and Christmas presents, it is sometimes so hard to choose just the right gift for family and friends. This is particularly true when one gets older, as we accumulate more worldly possessions. My wife and I tend to swap “Valid for a meal out” vouchers, whenever our birthdays come round. We both like eating out, so we take advantage of any excuse to do just that. Sometimes though an observant spouse or family member sees that you have taken a fancy to something. They might have noticed that you seem interested in a product advertised on television or in a shop you have visited together…….

It so happened that I took a fancy to something in a shop when my wife and I visited England at Easter. I would therefore like to thank my wife for being observant and thinking of me, my Mother for going back to the shop and buying it, and also my sister for secreting it in her suitcase and bringing it over to Spain! A logistical nightmare for them, a nice birthday surprise for me!

What is it you might ask?

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2018 Lincoln W. Betteridge

Marmalade Fruit Loaf

17 Marmalade Fruit Loaf

I have just listened to a news item on the television. Catalonia wants to change Spain’s national holiday from the 12th of October to the 23rd of April. The former is when Christopher Columbus discovered America, the latter is the day dedicated to Saint George in the Christian Religious Calendar.  What had me thinking though is not the change of dates as such, but the Spanish newsreader named the 23rd of April using the Catalan language. He called it “Sant Jordi’s” day.

In Spain Saint George is celebrated in the regions of Aragón, where I live, and Catalonia, as well as in cities throughout Spain such as Alcoy, Banyeres de Mariola, Cáceres, Golosalvo, Madrigueras, Lucena and Santurce. So why is it that whenever Saint George is mentioned on Spanish television it is always presented as a Catalonian celebration and named using the Catalan pronunciation of the Saint’s name?

99 Saint George on the Road in to Zaragoza

Saint George on the Road into Zaragoza from Valencia

Being English and living here in Aragón I am doubly motivated to celebrate Saint George, yet is feels like he’s been usurped by our neighbours over in Catalonia. My issue though is not with them, but rather with the producers of newspapers and televised news bulletins that are too lazy, or too badly informed, to pull together an accurate and unbiased news story.  Saint George is far from being a Catalonian only celebration. Good professional journalism is even more important in a world where the Internet provides instant access to unlimited,  second rate information and fake, or even malicious, news.

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2018 Lincoln W. Betteridge

Couscous BBQ Chicken Salad

09 Couscous BBQ Chicken Salad

Couscous….. I remember eating it nigh on forty years ago whilst in Tunisia. I actually don’t recall ever eating it again until recently, when my wife suggested the recipe I have for you today. I am not sure why it took me so long to try it again. It has to be said that many of the dishes I have been offered since looked anaemic and dry. It is also true that over here in Spain it is not a very common dish at all. Strange I guess, given the Arabic influence on Spain and the fact that physically, Morocco or indeed Tunisia are just a short hop over the Mediterranean.

I was in fact in Tunisia a few times in my late teens and travelled all over the country. This couscous recipe evokes memories of the time I spent there. It is a great shame that terrorism in general, and specifically in Tunisia, has dissuaded many people from travelling to what is a beautiful and varied country…….

The Sahara at Dawn

Many people think of Tunisia as an arid country, and in many areas it is. I have seen the driest parts, having seen the sands of the Sahara, but I have also seen the lush northern farming belt. It is here that I also discovered Dougga. We had been on a trip to Carthage organised by the hotel where we were staying. We were not that impressed and mentioned it to some Arabs we met in a local bar one night in Sousse. They convinced us that Dougga was the place to go. So the following day my friend and I hired a car, more old-banger really, and off we went.

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2018 Lincoln W. Betteridge

Caramel Apple Pie

30 Caramel Apple Pie

Today I wanted to share with you my favourite pie for when I have a glut of apples. Apart from being delicious, it is quick and easy to make and uses up a lot of apples. I made this apple pie here in Spain a couple of weeks ago, then again last week whilst I was over in England, as my Sister had a glut of apples too. Apart from baking though, what else did I do in my week in my Anglo-Saxon homeland?

As is often the case I spent much of my time trawling the shops, looking for those few special cooking ingredients I can’t easily get over here in Spain. What I noticed, and not for the first time, is just how expensive everything is. My Mother was looking at some tangerines in the local greengrocers, at 59p each! A couple of doors down, my Sister’s favourite, fresh locally caught shrimps were £6.00 for just 100g!

99 Food consumption US

On a whim, I decided to look at prices at the other end of the spectrum, at “Iceland”, one of the more reputable frozen food supermarkets. A question for you then dear reader….. which would you prefer, a handful of fresh shrimps at £6.00 or would you go for their supermarket pizzas at £1.50 each, or their 2 pizza, chips and dip combination  for just £5.00?

Assuming you went for the shrimps, would you still have chosen them if you were on a low income or out of work?


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2018 Lincoln W. Betteridge